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Functional Medicine


Dr. Rodney O. C. Adeniyi-Jones graduated as a multiple prizewinner from the medical school of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (Dublin) in 1975, and was admitted to membership of the Royal College of Physicians in the UK in 1978.

He trained in hospital-based internal medicine and Endocrinology until 1986, when he left Hospital Medicine to study homoeopathy, bioresonance, nutritional and herbal medicine, manual medicine, and other aspects of Functional and Integrated Medicine.

Since 1987 he has been in clinical practice using orthodox and complementary diagnostic methods, and applying treatments that are predominantly based on functional enhancement rather than on drugs. In recent years the elements of mind-body medicine and spirituality have expanded substantially in his practice.

This practice has grown steadily, fuelled by referrals from satisfied patients, and it now attracts patients from many parts of the world. In addition to membership of the Royal College of Physicians, Dr Adeniyi-Jones is a member of the American College of Advancement in Medicine, the Institute of Functional Medicine, the British society of Integrative Medicine and the British Society of Environmental Medicine.

Although he has been able to give great help in many difficult situations where all avenues appeared to have been exhausted, Dr Adeniyi-Jones finds greatest satisfaction in helping people to prevent illness, to stay healthier, ‘younger’ and livelier for as long as possible. There are three main unifying principles behind his approach to health – and his approach to each patient:

1. The innate healing ability of the human being is wiser and more powerful than most of us realize. We need to acknowledge it, trust it, and create conditions in which it can flourish, if we want to achieve the best long-term outcomes in health, vitality and wellbeing.

2. Our unique and individual nature as human beings explains why each of us can react differently to certain illness and treatments compared with other people. We have been taught to ask: “does this treatment work?” when what we really want to know is: “will this treatment work for me?” – a profoundly different question, that cannot be answered by statistical analysis. With each patient, Dr Adeniyi-Jones addresses the latter question openly and intentionally, using each person’s uniqueness and individuality to their advantage.

3 Mind-body medicine and energy/vibrational approaches are completely central to real recovery and sustained good health. No problem of the body can fail to affect the mind, and vice versa. A dysfunctional relationship between mind and body is at the root of a wide variety of problems. As we experience this and gain insight and understanding, we evolve away from illness towards health and wholeness.

Although this approach makes it possible to address a wide range of health issues, Dr Adeniyi-Jones has special interest and special expertise in the relief of stress, anxiety and tension, and the health problems that accompany them.

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By changing nothing, we hang to what we understand, even if it is the bars of our own jail.
- John le Carré, The Russia House 1989

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